Well, lots of stuff's been happening since my last post. All three of my little monsters started back at school this last week, so we had weeks of school shopping, and orientations and enrollment. My oldest started Junior High this year, which was very hard on Mommy. I got to take her to Orientation, which brought back all kinds of memories for me. I don't think I've seen the halls to the JH for over 10 years, and I of course got lost as soon as we got there. Teaching her how to use the lock on her locker was funny, she kept turning it the wrong way! (I kept saying "Right to your number" but that wasn't working, so I told her to turn towards her homeroom class first) On her first day of school, she said it took her a little bit to remember how to get it open. :)

I've not gotten as much done as I would like, and my list is ever changing. Here is the most updated list:
1.Seraphina Shawl FINISHED!!!!
2.Summer Ripple Cardigan FINISHED!!!!
3.Karls Ripple Afghan 40% done
4. Portrait of Jennifer and Chris
5. Rasta Cap 35% done
6. Portrait of Nicole and Keith FINISHED!!!!
7. Dead Fish Hat (J)
8. Dead Fish Hat (D)
9. Rag Quilt (stars and stripes) FINISHED!!!
10. Second Seraphina (Red and Dark Red with black beads)
11. Pom Pom Rug
12. Make a purse "rack" FINISHED!!!!
13. Garter Knitted Neckwarmer in Pooch 50% done
14. Set of smaller everyday earings FINISHED!!!!
15. Felted Booga Bag (Crochet) FINISHED!!!! Just need to get a strap and its all done!
16. Framed Portrait of Karl and each kid
17. Brooch for the Seraphina Shawl FINISHED!!! Hate it though and it doesn't match.
18. Knitted Legwarmers for Kennedi
19. Fingerless Gloves for Thomas
20. Fat Bottom Bag for Randi Jo
21. New Winter Set for Thomas
22. New Winter Set for Kennedi
23. New Winter Set for Randi Jo
24. Kanzashi Brooch and Hair Pin
25. Set of Spiral Scrubbies
26. Framed Autumn Stitchery FINISHED!!!!
27. Alice in Wonderland Stitched Piece (Cheshire Cat)
I still haven't found a piece of wood that I'm happy with for my purse hanger, and I'm starting to get desperate. I don't want to buy anything, so I am resigned to keeping my hunt going. I've gotten excited about making the Kanzashi Brooch and Hair Pin. I'm going to make myself some rice glue soon and stick it in the fridge. When finally get to do some tye-dying, I plan on making some fabric to use. Slow and steady, get little bits of everything done here and there seems to be how I work. :)

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