1.Seraphina Shawl FINISHED!!!!

2.Summer Ripple Cardigan FINISHED!!!!

3.Karls Ripple Afghan 40% done

4. Portrait of Jennifer and Chris

5. Rasta Cap 35% done

6. Portrait of Nicole and Keith FINISHED!!!!

7. Kanzashi Brooch and Hair Pin (J)

8. Knitted Hat(D)

9. Rag Quilt (stars and stripes) FINISHED!!!

10. Second Seraphina (Red) FINISHED!!!!

11. Pom Pom Rug

12. Make a purse "rack" FINISHED!!!!

13. 3 handmade scarfs (1 down, 2 to go)

14. Set of smaller everyday earings FINISHED!!!!

15. Felted Booga Bag (Crochet) FINISHED!!!! Just need to get a strap and its all done!

16. Framed Portrait of Karl and each kid

17. Brooch for the Seraphina Shawl FINISHED!!! Hate it though and it doesn't match.

18. Knitted Legwarmers for Kennedi

19. Fingerless Gloves for Thomas

20. Fat Bottom Bag for Randi Jo

21. New Winter Set for Thomas

22. New Winter Set for Kennedi

23. New Winter Set for Randi Jo

24. Set of Spiral Scrubbies

25. Framed Autumn Stitchery FINISHED!!!!

26. Set of Fingerless Mitts for Judith FINISHED!!!!
27. Mrs. Claus shawl
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