25 Projects in 6 months.......at least

I have decided that I need to practice setting goals and reaching them. Usually I will just do what-ever tickles me, but I've found that that I have a ton of unfinished projects because I have no goals...

So, I am going to create my list of 25 things to have finished by the end of the year. Some will be gifts, some are things I'm already working on, some are just things that I want or want to try. I'm going to start out with 25 things, and I'm sure I will substitute some out for others, but 25 is where this list will end! If I can accomplish this goal, I will start a new list. :)

On to the big reveal:

1.Seraphina Shawl 15% done
2.Summer Ripple Cardigan FINISHED!!!!
3.Karls Ripple Afghan 40% done
4. Portrait of Jennifer and Chris
5. Rasta Cap
6. Rasta Cap
7. Dead Fish Hat
8. Dead Fish Hat
9. Quilt (stars and stripes)
10. Tie Dyed Tiered Skirt (longer)
11. Pom Pom Rug From the book Craftivity
12. Make a purse "rack" I like this one...Rack
13. Garter Knitted Scarf in Pooch
14. Set of smaller everyday earings
15. Felted Booga Bag (Crochet) 90% done
16. Portrait of Karl and Thomas
17. Brooch for the Seraphina Shawl Done
18. Portrait of Karl and Randi
19. Portrait of Karl and Kennedi
20. Knitted Legwarmers for Kennedi
21. Fingerless Gloves for Thomas
22. Large Fat-Bottom Bag for Randi Jo
23. New Winter set for Thomas
24. New Winter set for Kennedi
25. New Winter set for Randi

Ok, I'm done procrastinating, on to working the projects. First I am going to get going on the Summer Cardi, I need to finish it so I have more variety to my work wardrob. :)


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