Making Progress....

Well, today the weather was beautiful! Really, perfect temperature with a nice breeze to keep us cool. The family and I spent the day down at Mom's, sitting in lawn chairs, b-sing with the neighbors, watching the kids play. Karl worked hard all day getting his car put back together after getting airbags put on it last weekend. He's got a car show on the 4th he plans on attending (and winning a bunch of trophies!) so he was sure giving her the "treatment".

I spent the day working on one of my projects, the Summer Chevron Cardigan. I had already done the first five rows prior to today, but I worked for six hours and got past the armpits and am working on the body. My shoulder is sore from crocheting that long, but I am super stoked about getting this project finished. Here are a couple of shots to show my progress....

Here is a closeup to show the stitch detail:

I'm using Sonata, in a turquoise color. I may make a matching head kercheif if I have any leftover yarn.

I also worked on a poly-clay brooch for my Seraphina Shawl. I've sanded and finished it and need to wait for it to dry to see if it matches like I want.


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