What a few weeks!

Its been quite hectic around here lately. Last weekend Karl and I joined a bunch of our friends for the 2nd Annual Kimmel Bros. Float Trip in Noel, MO. We left on Friday morning in a caravan of 4 trucks and met up with several other couples at the River Ranch Resort. I've fallen in love with floating, it is especially fun with around 30 of your friends! Too much booze, just enough sun, and forgetting about lifes worries for a little while what what the Dr. ordered! Karl and I want to take the kidlets out on a trip, as it would be just as fun with them :)

I've made a lot of progress on the quilt. I've gotten all of the squares cut, and have assembled it, I just need to stitch around the edges and washh it. I got one row upside down, and have decided that it is just going to have to stay that way. It is my first quilt, and I'm ok with it not being perfect. However, after I realized that I screwed it up, I had to put it down for a few days. My perfectionist attitude was getting away with me enjoying the process.

I also picked up the Seraphina again, and have it almost completed. I have 4 rows left, and just decided today that I'm not going to put beads on the tips. The colors I have right now won't work, and I'm not spending much on supplies until I can clear some room in my stash. I flashed it to Momma yesterday, and she ooohh'd and aaahhh'd appropriately. I just love the colors and how soft and cushy this shawl is turning out to be. My sister gave me her sewing machine with the condition being I had to make her a hat. She saw the shawl and said, "Or maybe you could make me something like THAT!"


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